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Our Industry Supporters


Christiaens Engineering & Development B.V.
Witveldweg 104 5961ND Horst The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)77 399 9500 Fax: +31 (0)77 399 9541
Key Contact: Roland van Doremaele
+31 (0)6 1433 7651

Setting up or modernizing compost or mushroom turnkey project requires more than just knowledge. Of course, to achieve acceptable results, knowledge of all relevant disciplines is absolutely required.

Knowledge in the area of installation technology, process technology, climate technology, mechanical engineering, planning and equipping projects are required. Each and every one of these areas plays an essential role in establishing integrated composting and mushroom farming projects.

But the best results comes only when the available expertise in all of these areas becomes a perfectly tuned whole.

It’s precisely the combination of these different areas that allows an almost magical synergy to arise. It’s the interwoven combined expertise, with the thread of experience running through it. That is what gives a farming project that crucial added value: certainty in every area.


Phone: 03 9555 5267
Fax: 03 9532 2150
Key Contact: Phil Badgery – 412 169 775

Supplier of quality Topterra mushroom casing, mushroom supplement and other specialized products for the mushroom industry through our network of global partners. Legro Australia is also a supplier of quality peat moss, coir (coco) peat and substrates to the horticultural industry.


Contact: Mick Surridge
Address: PO Box 200, Bridgewater, Vic, 3516
Phone: 03 5437 3346 Fax: 03 5437 3395

MycoLogistics is the Australian and Pacific agent for McDon Mushroom casing. McDon Mushroom Casing established in 1977 has become the leading specialist in the mushroom casing sector in Ireland and in many other countries.


Contact: Bob Holtermans

Address: Stationsstraat 14M, 5963AA Horst-Hegelsom, The Netherlands
Phone: +317 7398 3929 Fax: +317 7398 8299

Mush Comb supplies new premium machinery, new economy machinery, reconditioned machinery, shelving and turnkey projects.


PO Box 456
Torrens Park SA 5062
Phone: 08 8277 1040 Fax: 08 8277 4070
Key contact: Carmine Callisto

Global Axis Import Solutions are a proud family owned business in operation since 1988. Their product range includes mushroom casing, sphagnum peat moss, mushroom growing supplement, mushroom spawn, machinery / equipment and many other sundry products including growing nets, lights and picking knives.


Contact: Mick Surridge
Address: PO Box 200, Bridgewater, Vic, 3516
Phone: 1800 COMPOST (1800 26 6767) Fax: +61 3 5437 3346

ScatoPlus is a leading supplier of Mushroom Compost. Supplying Ph1, Ph2 and Ph3 compost in blocks and bulk to all Australian states and the Pacific region.


PO Box 646
Windsor NSW 2756
Contact: Mick Daley – 02 4572 0555

Sylvan is the global leader in fungal technology and the world’s largest producer and distributer of mushrooms spawn with facilities’ in 17 locations and serving 65 countries. Our vision for the future emerges from the roots of our proud history. We continue to strive for excellence in the advancement of our technology, our products and our commitment to customer service.